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Waxx Essentials is a fragrance company that specializes in quality, unique candles and accessories that evoke distinctive emotions. The simplicity of the vessels seamlessly incorporates into any home decor. Sourced from around the world, Waxx Essential candles are hand-poured and made from a blend of the highest quality coconut-soy wax & fragrance oils. The limited editions to our candle collections methodology, intrigue candle newbies who want to be a part of the Waxx Essentials “Wixies” culture.

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Waxx Essentials was founded in 2020 by BFF’s Tyler Smith and Alea Shipp. The two met on the campus of Morgan State University in 2015. Shipp was pursuing a degree in Biology while Smith was pursuing a degree in Communications/Multi-Platform Productions. Despite being different in many ways, the two found commonality in having fun and enjoying the finer things in life. 


After successfully obtaining their degrees during a global pandemic, they were looking for ways to unwind and relax. Unable to find a candle that provided an amazing scent-throw and appealing aesthetic, the dynamic duo started a quest to create their own. They leveraged their backgrounds in science and communications to provide the perfect balance of innovation and creative branding; as a result, Waxx Essentials was born.

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